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Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson


Pauline was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) in 2018, almost on the 20th anniversary of her becoming a barrister. Having sought medical advice in respect of a shoulder injury, this diagnosis came as a terrifying shock, which was followed by deeply depressing messages, both express and implied, from the medical community, of an inevitable and unstoppable deterioration in her condition. 

Fortunately, she found Overcoming MS and ten months later she attended a Retreat, which debunked several MS myths, removed her fear and her sense of isolation. She left feeling absolutely positive about the trajectory of her MS because she understood that she could take some control and help herself, rather than sit and wait for some terrible fate. Beyond that and just as importantly, even were her fears realised, she had been inspired to live with joy. 

That week cemented Pauline’s feeling that the Overcoming MS gift of hope must reach every single person globally, at the point of diagnosis. 

Pauline lives in London and is married with two sons. Her loves are creative cooking, architecture, interior design and live performance, be that music, theatre or sport. However, the passion which drives her journey is making a positive difference to the life of another person when they are at their most fragile, a gift her work gives.