Stories of Hope

Real stories from people overcoming MS

Thousands of people with MS around the world are leading healthier, happier lives by following the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program.

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What are OMS Circles?

OMS Circles are local support groups of people following the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program who connect regularly to provide each other with support, advice and friendship.

Become an Ambassador

If you’ve been following the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program and can’t find a local OMS Circle, you could become an ambassador and start your own.

Other ways to connect

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is a community of people that listens to, supports and encourages each other on the path to recovery. Hear about real people’s experiences in our blog section, share your story, or connect with other OMSers in our forum. Sign up to our newsletter to have all the latest news, research and stories delivered straight to your inbox. 

Challenge Events

Calling all exercise enthusiasts and adventure seekers! This year we are bringing you even more opportunities to work up a sweat for OMS - take a look at our list of local and international challenge events.

Do your own thing

Challenge events not your cup of tea? There are many other ways to raise awareness of and funds for OMS. From hosting an auction or high tea to organising a fantasy football league, every bit helps!

Make a donation

Each donation, whether it be small or large, brings us one step closer to reaching and supporting each and every person living with MS by raising critical awareness of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program.

Leave a legacy

Have you witnessed the positive impact the OMS Recovery Program has had on someone you love? Leaving a legacy brings peace of mind that our work will continue for many years to come.