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You mention loss of hair and that made me immediately think thyroid but then I noticed you said your friend has high iron.
The following links list hair loss with high iron.

http://www.localhealth.com/article/high ... n/symptoms


http://www.livestrong.com/article/35192 ... ron-blood/
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I donned formal clothes for a Thanksgiving service this week. Wearing clothes not worn for a long time (and needing to punch extra holes in belt to hold floppy trousers up) reminded me of the OMS weight loss (and school days). I used to be circa 180lb (82kg), now <150lb(67kg) and 5'11" (1.8m) (just drifting off the lower normal BMI range). Until recently quit fit from exercise.

It was a bit weird squidging family that I'd not seen in ages. I feel their spare layers, they feel my bones. And as usual several people volunteered that I look skinny (as in too skinny). I find it's uncomfortable being skinny too. The cold can be remedied by wearing layers. A cushion is standard bedtime gear - between the knees to prevent them banging. But the tiniest little bump that would not have been felt before, is now a clunk as bone and doorway are separated only by parchment skin.

I'll swear that my diet is perfectly OMS, never any cheating. And always eating OK (I think). But while the prof's pictures show him seemingly a normal solid physique, my body's morphed from quiet athletic build to a bit too lean (in criticism, I'm called gaunt rather than skinny now).

Perhaps part of the trouble is that most of the time I don't feel hunger. A skipped meal brings on tummy rumble sounds, but not hunger sensations. So I try to remember to eat, but do find finding anything to nibble through the day a challenge. I can't snack on toast & Vegemite alone. Besides it takes time to do food, which has never been a turn on for me.

How weird that around me everyone is battling the bulge, and on my super healthy lifestyle the opposite's the issue. That their unnatural life expectancy probably exceeds mine seems a swiz.

Ahha, I've a cure-all ... learn how to wear model's clothes, they seem to look OK (to some eyes at least) and they can be skinny. But personal beauty hasn't been my thing, I'm not sure if it fits. As a fallback I could pad the house interior so it doesn't bite so hard.

There are bonuses to being healthy, fit and lean ... bicycling up hills is easy, and it's fun to see the chunky power guys struggle! Actually I do wonder if there's more to the weight loss than just the diet and healthy living. Perhaps the body is not absorbing or storing quite so well. Or is it just that general fats intake is miles down, despite chugging our 1:2 ratio omega 3:6 oils (20mml flax doesn't compare fat calorie-wise with a greasy steak, fried pots, quiche, and cream on cheesecake meal).
[quote="Kashu"][...] thyroid [...] yes, I wondered about that. Many thanks for the high iron links and input Kashu. None seem to fit well. Her haematocrit levels are low. I wish we could get her GP to apply some science to this, but as always we probably need to do more research and take control of things.
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