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I have been working on a cookie recipe for a few weeks. Something that satisfies my wifes sweet tooth but is as healthy as possible. I studied the Thrive Diet and a few Vegan baking books and came up with the following recipe.

The recipe includes flaxseed & optionally walnuts for omega3 and optional chunks of crystalised ginger for it's anti inflammatory properties. The flaxseed also includes loads of other benefits and I make sure the sugar is as unprocessed as possible. The mollasses sugar I use below actually helps give it a nice gooey texture which is pretty good. I have included cocoa as an optional ingredient to make them chocalate flavoured as well and we have also thrown in all sorts of dried fruit. It also includes buckwheat flour but you can replace this with either wholemeal or another flour if you prefer (the buckwheat flour has a low gi and lots of protein so helps balance them out a little).

Cup of milled flaxseed
Cup of wholemeal flour
Cup of buckwheat flour

1/3 Cup of unrefined molasses sugar
1/3 Cup of fine molasses sugar
1/2 Cup of extra virgin olive oil * one without to strong a flavour
3 Eggs worth of Fat Free Egg Replacer
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of salt
3 teaspoons of vanilla essence

Chunks of Crystallized Ginger
Walnuts Broken up
1/2 cup of cocoa powder


- Mix up the egg replacer, in a food condensor ideally to get it really smooth
- Mix up the sugar, vanilla & oil & add the egg replacement
- Mix up the 3 flours & the cocoa if you are using - add the baking soda and salt
- Slowly work the flour into the wet ingredients to form a dough
- add any of the optional bits and bobs (we use walnuts and ginger chunks)

Then we just roll them out into little cookies and cook at about 180 for 15 or so minutes. Get them out and let them cool right down else they can be a bit brittle. The molasses makes it really soft and nice and we get about 12 real good sized cookies out of this that can be broken in half for a daily treat.
This sounds great Marcus. I'll give feedback soon.
Cool, it is still a work in progress so any feedback appreciated! :)
We made these at the weekend. Very tasty but personally, I would like a touch more moisture. I don't know how this can be achieved with the subset of ingredients that we have got. Apple sauce maybe?
I've never used egg replacer but I have used whipped up egg whites with success in recipes.
I do find I need to use more whites tho, say for every 2 whole eggs I use 3 whites as a guide.
Also golden syrup works well as a binder/sweetner and gives colour.
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