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I used to joke that Minfulness practice was really Mindlessness practice becase we seek to clear our minds. But I understood it differently today while doing it. The practice *is* in the clearing process - that is true. But it's what becomes available once the constant extra thoughts are removed. I might try to describe it as practicing all year long with a shovel to clear the driveway. All year long, you build up muscles until when the first snow comes, it's easy to do.

Since I started meditating, I'm aware of other things in the world. Not only my own "other" thoughts, but I can see people more clearly. I used to think it was a kind of autism which prevented me reading people's faces - it's not true - it was just that my own thoughts (selfishly, it seems) were so loud, I could not hear other people's thoughts or see thier faces over the din of the noise inside my head.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
I am still struggling, in part as I forget to meditate so many days and then do it when I go to bed which often ends in me falling asleep. Still, it has certainly helped me keep calmer, no more getting angry in the car, losing my temper when trying to park or generally letting the pressure get to me (well, not much anyway).

Calming the mind, reducing any kind of personal suffering as per the buddhist outlook and just generaly getting a grip on yourself is certainly a useful process. I am really going to focus on getting two brief meditations a day in next year along with using it to focus myself to exercise every morning.

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