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gardengirl wrote: Hi Kashu, I would be very interested in the results, I've decided to keep up with the dose as I am feeling much better. Take are and keep well :D

Hi Gardengirl I had that Doctor's appt today. Sorry it is a bit of a novel!

Initially I had concerns because when my pre-appt blood tests came back at 224 nmol/L for Vit D she advised me by email to stop supplementing so I almost cancelled the appt. But I chose to go anyway and defend my supplementation if needed.

I was surprised that she was excited I was on George's program and could see I had already done a lot of good work.
She actually advised me to keep the Vit D3 at 10,000IU so that my level doesn't drop.

It was worth the cost for my 90min appt. She found I am deficient in many hormones. Also it looks like I have absoption issues which is adding to my iron levels being extremely low and I won't be getting the full benefits from my excellent diet. She says not eating meat should not cause low iron on the eating program I am on.

I am deficient also in zinc, magnesium, B12 (my once a week dose has been changed to daily).
She also increased my 5 caps per day Fish Oil to closer to 10 eventhough I take the Flaxseed oil

Also I have an underactive thyroid of which I have always suspected even though all GP Thyroid function tests have always come back normal, however other factors have led her to believe that I still suffer from this. I also have Adrenal fatigue. What a combination, no wonder I feel so bad!

Although my tests have come back negative for Gluten Intollerence she does recommend slowly reducing it in my diet.

I am really happy that finally my suspected underlying issues are going to be dealt with and hopefully that will add to the good work I am already doing with George's program.

I have left her George's book to borrow and I expect excellent feedback once she has read it. I would not be surprised if she begins recommending it to her other patients.

I was pleasently surprised that although she supplies supplements she was happy for me to source them myself and helped me with info in order to get the rignt doses. And she used prescriptions where she could.

If you live in NZ/Auckland I would consider it worth having an appt with her. Name is Dr Frances Pitsilis, her website is targeted at the Appearance Medicine she also does so don't be put off by that she's pretty passionate about diet and Vit D and she was extremely supportive of what I am doing for my MS.

The only thing she recommended which George doesn't is a multi-V supplement which I might wait until she has read George's book before I decide if I am going to get one.
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Hello Kashu,
It's great news that you are getting to the bottom of some of your health issues, I'm sure now things will really start to improve for you. Wow sounds like you have a really proactive doctor, you are so lucky! Here in the UK we have 'free' health care, but my experience is that it is mediocre and I certainly haven't come across anyone who even remotely promotes what we are doing here!
I think your future is looking very good, thanks for letting me know, take care, :)
Hello Kashu, please be cautious with multi-vitamins, see this article from the website archives: http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/News-And-Events/Archive/Detail/Are+multivitamins+safe%3F/
You might want to share this with your doctor!
Thanks Lisa for that reminder I am not keen on the multi-vitamins after reading the info in the book hence the reason I have not rushed out to get any. I am very unlikely to go down that track. The Doc will get to read that info when she reads George's book I have lent her :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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