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Become an Overcoming MS Ambassador

Ambassadors inform, educate and empower the MS community by showing that living well with MS is possible through the Overcoming MS program.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the Overcoming MS Program, but many more may not know that living well with MS is possible. 

Ambassadors run our Circles: By forming a Circle of people committed to Overcoming MS, Ambassadors are able to facilitate a local community of people following the Overcoming MS Program that help to support, encourage and grow with one another. By joining a Circle, those new to Overcoming MS will find guidance from their Ambassador and Circle in what is a crucial time to create lasting change.

Our Ambassadors are the crucial element in helping ensure that every person with MS is aware of the Overcoming MS Program and has support in following it.

Download the Welcome Ambassador Pack here

Ambassador FAQs

Why become an Ambassador?

  1. Act as a local host for your Circle
  2. Raise awareness in your local area
  3. Facilitate a support network of people following the Overcoming MS Program
  4. Give back to the MS community
  5. Inspire others

How do I apply to become an Ambassador?

You can apply to become an Ambassador by completing this form here.

Then you will be contacted by a member of the Community Engagement team to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.

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How much time do I need to commit to being an Ambassador?

The great thing about being part of the Ambassador program is that it’s very flexible. Our Ambassadors can arrange weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings with their Circle either online or in person. It is entirely your choice and you can run your Circle group in whatever way you feel is best. Overcoming MS are on hand to provide whatever support you may need to organise your group.