Fundraise for OMS

Fundraise the OMS way and help more people take control of their health to overcome multiple sclerosis!

Multiple sclerosis, which affects more than two and a half million people worldwide, is the most common disabling neurological disorder for young adults. A diagnosis of MS can bring with it anxiety, fear and uncertainty for the future.

The OMS Recovery Program provides exciting possibilities for people with MS to self-manage the disease. It gives them every reason to hope for a long, healthy future that is free from the symptoms of MS.

OMS is a completely independent and unbiased charitable organization. To maintain our neutrality, we do not accept any financial or ‘in-kind’ support from pharmaceutical or other third party companies. It is your donations that make the difference and provide hope to people with MS.

We want anyone facing a diagnosis of MS to be informed, educated and empowered so that they are equipped with the tools to enable recovery. So, whether you fundraise by taking on a challenge or donate directly, it will all make a huge difference in helping others overcome this potentially devastating disease.

George, runners and cheque“In 2008 I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 33. It was devastating and with a young family I didn’t want to think of them watching me deteriorate physically. There was so much more I needed to do.

“Thanks to a friend, I stumbled across the work of Professor George Jelinek and the Overcoming MS book and website. For the first time I had real hope of staying healthy. I attended a retreat run by OMS and it changed my thinking and way of life.

“Now, seven years later I am as healthy as ever and free from symptoms of MS.

“I owe my life to OMS and its teachings and have always wanted to give back in some way. In November 2016 a wonderful group of family and friends decided to run the New York City Marathon.

“All 24 of us crossed the finish line and were delighted to raise over $150,000 for OMS.
Anthony, Australia