In this five-part series, 'Living Well with MS' podcast host, Geoff Allix, speaks with Professor George Jelinek about some of the key aspects of Overcoming MS. Watch each episode below or listen on the podcast here.

Part 1 - Getting started with Overcoming MS

In this first episode, George talks to Geoff about how to get started with the Overcoming MS program. 

Part 2 - Exceptions to following the program 

In the second episode, George explains how and why some people make exceptions to following the program.

Part 3 - The importance of mindset and support

In the third episode, George talks about the importance of mindset, mental health and support from others with MS.

Part 4 - Defining ‘overcoming’ MS and ‘recovery’

In this fourth episode, George explains how he uses and defines “overcoming” MS and “recovery”. 

Part 5 - Learnings after following the program for years and the future

In this final episode, George explains his learnings after many years on the program and his hopes for the future. 

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