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Professor George Jelinek
05 February 2024

Celebrating Professor George Jelinek’s 70th Birthday

On Wednesday 21 February, Professor George Jelinek will be turning 70! To honour this significant milestone we look back at the legacy he has created and share how he is marking the occasion.

Celebrating turning 70 years old

To mark this milestone, George has created a fundraiser in which he hopes to raise £2,000 for Overcoming MS. He said:

“I am 70 years old this year. When I was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago, I felt that reaching the age of 70 fit and well would not be remotely possible. But here I am! I feel an enormous sense of gratitude. To the scientists who provided the research for me to follow to get here, to our community of people whose collective spirit has buoyed and supported me through thick and thin, and most particularly to the Overcoming MS charity, established by Linda Bloom in 2012 to get the Overcoming MS Program’s message of hope out to everyone diagnosed with MS.”

If you would like to join us in celebrating George’s birthday, please visit his JustGiving page to make a donation and to leave your personal message!

George's creation of the Overcoming MS Program

The Overcoming MS Program was created in 1999 when George decided to manage his health through lifestyle changes and medication. By 2000, after thorough research, he shared the Program which still influences Overcoming MS’ work today. George’s commitment led him to write several books, conduct research, and host in-person retreats. After celebrating ten years without symptoms, he published ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery.’

In 2012, inspired by the Program’s impact on her own MS diagnosis, Linda Bloom founded the Overcoming MS Charity. Her goal was to extend the same support and hope to others battling MS. She said:

“When I was at a charity function, I started wondering if people in the UK knew about Professor Jelinek and the Overcoming MS approach. I realised that, although it was a well-established approach to MS management in Australia and New Zealand, no one in the UK had heard of it. So, I felt compelled to share information about the Overcoming MS approach. In the early days, it was just me with an idea to spread the message and raise awareness about how lifestyle changes can make a positive difference to those living with MS. It was one conversation at a time.” 

Hope after an MS diagnosis

Through the Overcoming MS Program, George has given hope to thousands of people with MS so that they can take back control of their health and live well with MS.

Here’s what some of the community have said about the impact for them:

“I have been following the Overcoming MS recommendations since I was diagnosed in 2015! I am really grateful to this Program for giving me my life back.”

“I was diagnosed four years ago and found Overcoming MS very soon after. Medically I have had no new symptoms, no relapses and my lesions were shrinking after two years. Fatigue has improved too. 

Beyond this, Overcoming MS has given me hope, purpose and a sense of real belief that MS will not rule my life.”  

Supporting George's Fundraiser

By making a donation to George’s birthday fundraiser, you will help us to give hope to more people with MS, connecting them to other like-minded individuals and helping them to make changes to live well with MS.

“I am acutely aware that not everyone diagnosed with MS has a similar story [to me]. But I hope that by helping me celebrate my 70th by supporting the charity, you can ensure that our message gets to all those who need to hear it… We trust that this will give them a realistic chance of discovering like I am, that overcoming MS is possible!”

Celebrate George’s birthday by clicking here!

Will you be celebrating a special milestone this year? 

Get in touch with our fundraising team for ideas and support at [email protected] or call us on 01844 318 778.