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24 November 2022

A Day with the Holistic Health and Wellness Forum

Start your December with a virtual day of learning about the benefits of yoga. Join the Virtual Holistic Health and Wellness Forum for MS on Saturday 3rd December.

Yoga Moves MS

Yoga Moves MS is a nonprofit organisation, providing free virtual and in-person yoga classes for people with neuromuscular conditions. Their Founder and Director Mindy Eisenberg was recently featured on an episode of our podcast, Living Well with MS, talking about how yoga can benefit both your body and your mind. You can listen to the episode or read the key takeaways here: S4E56: Yoga Moves MS – A conversation with Mindy Eisenberg

Virtual Holistic Health and Wellness Forum

On Saturday 3rd December 2022, Yoga Moves MS is hosting their annual Virtual Holistic Health and Wellness Forum for MS. A number of the Overcoming MS community are involved in the online event, which will take place from 5pm – 9pm GMT / 12pm – 4pm EST. You can learn from MS experts to widen your perspective and enhance your ability to maintain an optimal state of health. Presentations and discussion topics include a range of best practices for health promotion and illness prevention for MS, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise for MS
  • The microbiome
  • Nutrition for MS
  • Music therapy for MS
  • Current research on the Epstein Barr virus as it relates to MS
  • Comprehensive wellness philosophy and programs offered to those with MS and neurological disorders from the Swedish Neuroscience Institute

 To register for the virtual event and see all the presenters live on Zoom, click here.

The schedule for speakers will be sent to you, and you may attend any one or all of the fantastic speakers on the webinar, including Mindy Eisenberg and many others. Video recordings for each speaker will be sent to you after the event if you’re not able to join on the day.

To visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall and find out more, click here.