Gaspar Hoyos is an award-winning musician who was diagnosed with MS in 2010. He is one of our real life stories of hope and inspiration from the book Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis (story 8) 

Gaspar’s dreams were shattered when a second relapse meant he was no longer able to play the flute, a skill he has spent tens of thousands of hours honing, and getting to the top of his field. 

Along with physiotherapy, Gaspar replaced fear with joy and beauty by using visualisation for emotional and physical healing and learned to play the flute again.

“I knew I had this strength in me, this love, and I pictured it coming out of my body and going everywhere.”

Just five months after his first relapse, he was able to return full-time to his job as principal flute in an orchestra. 

Gaspar continues to do well nine years after diagnosis, here is a recent video of Gaspar playing Niccolo Paganini Cappriccio no 18 on flute. 


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