Recipe section

We are continually adding new recipes to the recipe section and improving this part of the website. We also upload submissions from OMSers.  

Top Tips

1. Filter Recipes

Here are some filters you can use to easily find what you want.  

screenshot of site

Note: you don't need to use all the filters at once - you can just use one. 

Filter by category (meal type):  e.g you can look at all the recipes in the sweets & desserts category


Filter by ingredient: e.g you could find all recipes that contain salmon in the ingredient list

salmon recipes

Filter by skill level e.g. easy recipes. 

Filter by dietary preferences e.g. all gluten free recipes, vegan recipes (note: all will be be compliant with OMS advice - if you spot something that isn't let us know). 

2. Search for a recipe

Use the search bar on the main site to find recipes easily - try using keywords like cake or pumpkin soup


3. Browse

'Load more' to browse more recipes that aren't currently displayed. The most recent recipes are displayed first. 

4. Store your favourites on your profile

Save your favourites to your profile - click the 'pin' on the bottom left of the recipe (if you are logged in). This will then be saved on you 'my space'. 

recipe screenshot

Saved recipes on your profile look like this: 

saved recipes

5. Get involved

Please comment or email us if you spot and mistakes to the recipes - we have hundreds to take care of so are always grateful if you can let us know! We also welcome submissions if you email If you like or comment then it helps others to find the best recipes.