The great Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”. Little did I realize the fullness of this statement I was examining during my studies in 2012.

No 'me' time 

Funnily enough it was back in 2012, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That same year I was busy juggling so many things including full time shift work as an intensive care nurse, full time study undertaking my Masters in Nursing Education, newly married with very little ‘me’ time.

The diagnosis came mid-year, when I was in full swing with my studies. It was just a plain nuisance and bother to me, something else I would have to research… and research I did!

My research brought me to discovering OMS, attendeding a retreat two months on, and from then on I have not looked back.

Advocating OMS

I have been a passionate advocate for OMS, even conducting fundraising events to raise money for the organisation. The journey I have been on has been nothing short of phenomenal.

It has grown my desire to learn more about the body, no longer just from the nursing/medical perspective, but from the aspect of diet and lifestyle changes and how this affects the body in a positive or negative way.

The journey over the past almost four years has led me to examining not just diet but household cleaning products, essential oils, skincare regime and more.

My home garden is growing abundantly and I love nothing more than to cook our family meals from scratch. The word ‘balance’ means so much to me now.

Finding balance

It’s in the everyday, sometimes chaotic life that I seek to find ‘balance’ despite life with a busy two year old and now four month old.

When I was first diagnosed my life was far from balanced, I knew my priorities were wrong and I was pushing myself beyond what was healthy for my mind and body.

Despite the chaos with two boys (three including the husband!) I am happy to say that now my life is full, my life is balanced, my life is wonderful and most importantly my life is symptom free and I have discovered the meaning of the great Hippocrates statement: “Let food be thy medicine…” I trust like me you too may find balance in your OMS journey.

Elizabeth Schefferle