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24 January 2016

Looking in the right places

The fear that I’m doing something 'wrong' creeps up especially when I’m having MS symptoms, but I know I’ve taken positive steps towards healing.

One day of Googling was enough to make me swear off  ‘multiple sclerosis’ internet searches for life. And this was only the day after my diagnosis.

So I did what I was told and felt a little powerless with my diagnosis for almost three years. And then one day, in late November 2011, I was brave enough to look again.

I was certain (hopeful) that someone, somewhere was doing something about MS besides taking drugs. And just like that, I found OMS. I ordered the book and read it in two days.

I remember while I was reading I would stop every few pages to tell my now husband some fact or study that was blowing my mind. Every page turned increased my enthusiasm, hope and optimism about my disease.

A week later I dove head first into the OMS way of living. I haven’t looked back. Of course I’ve had questions and curiosities: Maybe that’s too much almond butter? How much flax oil did I have today? Were these vegetables baked or fried? Is 10 minutes of meditation enough?

The fear that I’m doing something ‘wrong’ creeps up especially when I’m having symptoms, but ultimately I know I’ve taken positive steps towards healing.

The control and pride I feel in changing my lifestyle is a reward in and of itself. OMS has also connected me with people all over the world. I met a woman from California on the OMS forum and now we are close friends.

We’ve already vacationed together twice! Just last week I Skyped with another fellow OMSer from New York. We connected through our joint love of food and OMS cooking.

MS was a swift kick in the butt for sure, one that knocked me down for quite a while. Fortunately, OMS was the hand that reached out to pull me up and now, with that support system by my side, I feel like I have somewhere to turn when my worries get the better of me.

Last week was my fourth anniversary with OMS. It has changed my life in every way. I eat better, feel better and might I say look better (lol) but I have also found mindfulness, gratitude and the power of positive thinking.

My life will never be the same as it was before MS, and most of the time I’m pretty happy about that. I will be forever grateful for the positive influence OMS and it’s community has had on my life.

Next up is an OMS retreat in 2016. Thank you to all of you OMSers who have helped me. We are in this together.:-)

Ashley Madden