George Jelinek’s thoughts on 'MS A Funny Thing (well s?metimes!)'

Take a moment to read what OMS founder, Professor George Jelinek has written about my new book, available from May 2022: “This book is decidedly good for you! Second, all proceeds go to worthy MS charities. Win-win! Third..... now what was that third thing? I need to take Nigel's sage advice and stop nominating how many points I am about to make, don't I?”

So, what’s George talking about? The book I’ve compiled and edited 'MS A Funny Thing (well s?metimes!)' came out on 30 May, World MS Day. This book is a collection of stories and poems about funny things which have happened to people with MS because of their MS. Each entry is professionally illustrated. 

Aims in creating the book

All proceeds from book sales will be going to MS charities, including Overcoming MS which is so very dear to my heart and well-being. It was on an OMS retreat in 2014 that I discovered that MS, far from robbing us PwMS of our sense of humour and fun has given me a rich vein of funny incidents. That’s what the book is about – the funny and sunny side of living with MS.

As well as raising money for four MS charities that have helped me (the others being the Kent MS Center, MS-UK and The MS Trust), my aims in creating the book are to:

● Bring smiles to the faces of as many people with MS as possible, and to their families, friends, and carer givers. 
● Promote a greater understanding of the difficulties MS can cause for PwMS and our helpers in a light-hearted way. 
● Celebrate the determination and courage of MSers, not least for being able to make light of their difficulties. 
● Bring a sense of satisfaction and achievement to all of the authors from seeing their efforts make a positive difference. 
● Bring a few rays of hope to those who have been recently diagnosed with MS, or others who are struggling, that life with MS still has a lot to offer. 

Example stories

Read about OMSer Mike Richman whose sponsored charity trike ride landed him in the river Thames. His immediate reaction, on finding himself on the riverbed with his trike on top of him, was anything but fearing for his life. Rather it felt like a warm bath and a haven from the diabolical spring weather he’d been assaulted by when he was riding along. 

Then there’s the wheelchair user with MS who ended up having to do a bit of backward limbo dancing to avoid being incarcerated in a garden centre for the weekend. Discover the meaning behind “Wer nicht springt ist Offenbacher, hey, hey” and the OMSer who saw the Frankfurt skyline dancing before his eyes. 

Feedback about the book

Below is what a few PwMS who have read prepublication copies of the book have said:

“Having MS doesn't often make me laugh but this book of funny stories is a reminder that there's humour - and lots of it - to be found in any situation.” 

“Living with MS isn't funny ... well, that is until you read this book of stories that will make you smile.”

Please take heed of what George said, it’ll be a win-win when you buy the book. And maybe a triple win if you buy a copy for yourself, another person with MS, or your caregiver. It is available on Amazon in print and eBook forms, plus other selected book e-tailer sites. Listen to our podcast episode about the book.

Have fun and do please spread the word. And if you have your own funny stories about something that’s happened to you, or just an idea, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at and we can get cracking on volume 2. 

How to buy the book

The book is available in paperback and eBook formats. You can find it here on Amazon.