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Swank's paper looking at effect of low saturated fat diet on MS

Here is the full paper as published in the Lancet in 1990

It is often surprising to hear comments about Swank's work from people who have never read the actual paper published in the Lancet.

A recent thread in the Forum noting that many people just don't have the resources to subscribe to the journals and hence don't read the original articles, prompted this post of the full article as published in the Lancet in 1990. For anyone diagnosed with MS who doubts the role of diet as a treatment to prevent progression of the illness, perhaps through criticism of the Swank study by health professionals and others, this is 'must read' stuff. And for healthcare workers who have never read the actual study, here is the opportunity. It is telling that the journal chose to publish this landmark scientific paper under the category 'Viewpoint' as if the issue was being debated.

To reiterate, Swank's study used the best available scientific method of the time it was started (1949). It was solid mainstream medical research by a highly decorated academic neurologist; had it been published at that time, it would have been a serious contender for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. We hope this paper provides hope to those who are struggling, and reinforces the faith of those using diet to manage the illness.

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