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05 June 2018

Ted Jackson Completes North Pole Marathon For Overcoming MS!

Ted Jackson took on the North Pole Marathon - a very unique, chilly challenge to raise awareness and funds for Overcoming MS.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Ted Jackson who has completed the North Pole Marathon to raise awareness for Overcoming MS!

On 15th April, he endured temperatures of -33c to finish in roughly twelve hours. The North Pole Marathon is an extreme trial of endurance, with competitors from all over the world running the customary 26.2 miles in harsh, wintry conditions. What’s more, as the race takes place on ice rather than solid ground, they are only 12 feet above the Arctic Ocean!

This marathon was only the latest in a series of impressive challenges for Ted, who fundraises for OMS on behalf of his wife Sophie. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009, and has been following the Overcoming MS Program since 2013.

In the last few years, Ted has completed the World Marathon Challenge (running seven marathons in seven days), and attempted the 250 km-long Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara and a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat.

So far, he has raised an incredible £220,000 (almost $300,000) to help others overcome MS. 

Although the North Pole Marathon was a very different challenge to what he has faced before, Ted enjoyed the experience and the chance to soak up some all-important vitamin D.

“The cold, the unpleasantness is all part of it. It’s fantastic, look at it. The scenery, the sunshine, the sun out for 24 hours a day – what could be better?”

Learn more about Sophie: