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06 February 2023

Community Engagement UK Pop Up Circles Tour 2023

The Community Engagement team are very excited to announce their 2023 Pop Up Circles tour.

We had a busy year in Community Engagement in 2022, getting to know the Overcoming MS community and finding as many opportunities as we could to listen and learn about what people want.  

Survey results showed the importance of face-to-face events

Our recent Ambassador Survey showed just how important face-to-face events and activities are to people, with over 80% of respondents indicating they wanted in-person meet-ups with their Circle members. For the Engagement Team at Overcoming MS, the opportunity to meet people within their own communities offers us the chance to find out more about people’s motivations and challenges in living with MS and following the Overcoming MS program. It ensures that the Overcoming MS charity provides authentic, user-led services moving forward. We also know that sharing information and knowledge together is something which inspires people.  

UK Pop Up Circles Tour 2023

That is why we are excited to be launching our first-ever Pop Up Circles Tour for 2023, with the hope and intention of bringing as many of our UK Circle groups together as possible! We will be visiting Buxton, Edinburgh, Bristol and Guildford to meet communities of people following, interested in or in support of the Overcoming MS program.

We will be hearing from our Ambassadors, Circle members, facilitators, and a range of other exciting speakers on a variety of subjects; from understanding people’s journeys to Overcoming MS and what inspires them, to how the program can help people with MS live healthier, happier lives. We’re excited to be bringing with us new charity merchandise, information and some incredibly special short films and messages from the Overcoming MS community, all of which will be shared in an end-of-tour highlights reel for all to watch and enjoy! There will be opportunities to network and meet with other Circles, connect, learn, talk and celebrate and we hope this is just the very start of an annual series of events reaching communities in the UK and beyond.  

We will be releasing more details of our Pop Up Circles Tour throughout the year and we hope you can join us if you live in the UK or can travel here. 

Looking at how we can take the tour global in the future

We know that our community spans the globe so are looking at how we can reach more communities in the UK and beyond in the future.

Please look out for more details coming soon about the next pop up stop, which is in Bristol on the 1st July.