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Our community: Join the Live Well Hub

Did you know you can connect with the whole Overcoming MS community through our app or online. Join for free and get support and advice from others living with MS.

Join the Live Well Hub
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MS Awareness Week 2024

Join us to spread awareness about life with MS

We’re raising awareness of challenging symptoms which people with MS too often struggle to talk about, through our campaign MS Unfiltered. Wherever you live, join us to help spread awareness of life with MS.


Be part of a positive and supportive community

The Live Well Hub is our brand-new app, where you can connect with the whole Overcoming MS community, as well as joining a Circle, if you choose to. Overcoming MS Circles are local support groups of people following the Overcoming MS Program who connect regularly to provide each other with support, advice and friendship. You can also access the latest tips and ideas amongst our global community.

Stories of Hope

Real stories from people following Overcoming MS

Thousands of people with MS around the world are leading healthier, happier lives by following the Overcoming MS Program.


Other ways to connect

Overcoming MS is a community of people that listens to, supports and encourages each other to live well with MS.

Hear about real people’s experiences in our blog section and on our podcast. Share your story here.

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Become an Ambassador

If you’ve been following the Overcoming MS Program and can’t find a local Overcoming MS Circle, you could become an Ambassador and start your own.