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Webinars and events

Attend one of our webinars, movement classes or an in-person event to help you change your lifestyle and stay motivated!

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Patricia Hawley sitting crossed leg against a white wall with plants on either side. She wears leggings and a polo t-shirt.

Meditation and Yoga with Patricia Hawley

Wednesday 26th June at 5pm UK time/12pm ET

Join Patricia Hawley in June 2024 for yoga and meditation.

Class 2 – Meditation (26 June): We’ll explore EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with a tapping practice designed to bring a sense of ease. We’ll stimulate the Vagus Nerve before settling in to a meditation to regulate our nervous systems. No props required. Come as you are!

Please note that each session is recorded. Recordings will be available 48 hours after the session in ‘Physical Activity and Meditation classes’ space in the Live Well Hub here 

Dr Véronique Gauthier-Simmons

Physical activity sessions with Dr Véronique Gauthier-Simmons

Thursday 13th and 27th June at 6pm UK time/1pm ET

For June and July, Veronique’s sessions will focus on 30-minute routines that you can practice regularly at home. All classes include some cardio, overall strengthening and stretching. There will be progression in terms of difficulty over the weeks to allow you to slowly build up your fitness and strength levels. These classes are also a great accompaniment to the 6 Months to Overcoming MS course

13th June – Physical Activity on a chair (30 min)

27th June – Physical Activity standing and on the mat (30 min)

We will use small weights (you can use two small bottles filled up with sand if you don’t have weights) and also elastic bands (ideally 2 meters long) but you always have the option to do the movements without these props.

Woman sitting on sofa with one leg lifted off floor

Stretches for spasticity with Dr Gretchen

Wednesday 19th June at 5pm UK time/12pm ET

Join Dr Gretchen for a seated stretching class where you’ll practice stretches to reduce muscle tightness and spasticity caused from MS. We’ll practice several different stretches as well as different types of stretching so you can learn the best stretching technique for your body.