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Hope Reborn

A new video created to raise aware of the challenges MS and the hope of living well with MS. The supporting single is raising vital funds. Watch and share the video today to give hope to more people with MS.

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Hope Reborn raises awareness of the struggles experienced by people with MS and also the fact that there is hope for a full and healthy life. This impactful video was created in partnership with the MS Society. It was directed by composer Fabio D’Andrea and features actress Rose Leslie. They kindly donated their time to share this powerful message.

Life with MS is different for everyone. This video depicts some of the challenges of this often invisible condition. Through lifestyle changes, such as those recommended by the Overcoming MS program, there is hope of living well with MS.

Help us give hope to more people with MS

The Overcoming MS program is based on seven key elements – including diet, exercise, meditation and medication – but there is one thing the program offers that is more important than anything else: hope. That’s because it allows people with MS to influence their own outcomes, and to take active steps towards living well.

In the words of Overcoming MS Circle member Maria Landolina, who appears in the Hope Reborn video, “[MS is] not all doom and gloom. You really can live your life how you want to live it, and not how MS dictates it.”

Fabio D’Andrea has released the impactful composition as a single, so that he can raise funds for the two charities through the single downloads. Overcoming MS and the MS Society will receive an equal split of 70% of the profits made, to help fund vital services and give hope to people living with MS.

Download it now: buy for yourself or as a gift

You can download the single for yourself or you can even gift it to someone else, to help us reach more people.

By downloading the music from Amazon Music or iTunes for only 99p – less than the price of a cup of coffee – you will help us raise funds to support services and bring hope to people with MS.

Please don’t just stream, instead please download and spread the word. For 99p together we can make a big impact!

About Hope Reborn

Hope Reborn was created to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and to give hope to anyone living with this condition that they can live well with MS.

Hope Reborn is both a beautiful new music composition and an incredibly powerful piece of film, created by classical composer and film director Fabio D’Andrea in partnership with Overcoming MS and the MS Society.

In Hope Reborn, music and film combine to tell the story of Amy, played by actress and MS Society ambassador Rose Leslie. Amy is a young woman living with MS and Hope Reborn explores how the condition impacts her life. The video also features a number of Overcoming MS Circle members and MS Society volunteers, all of whom are also living with MS.

Hope Reborn FAQs

How do I donate to support Hope Reborn?

You can find links to download the single here for just £0.99, and a significant portion of the profits made will be donated equally to Overcoming MS and the MS Society. If you want to make a direct donation to Overcoming MS you can do so here.

Can I gift the single to someone else as I don’t like classical music?

Yes, of course. To do this on iTunes:

  • Select the Music tab in iTunes (or choose iTunes Store in the Music app). Locate a song and select the arrow next to the price.
  • Choose Gift This Song, then enter the recipient’s email address, a message, and a time for delivery.
  • Select a theme and choose Buy Gift on the confirmation screen. The recipient receives a link to download the song.

How will Overcoming MS benefit from this single?

Overcoming MS and the MS Society will receive an equal split of 70% of the profits made from the single downloads.

What will Overcoming MS do with the funds raised from the single?

We will put these funds towards our work and reaching more people to help them improve their mental and physical wellbeing with MS.

How much did it cost Overcoming MS to produce this video?

There was minimal cost to Overcoming MS – team time to support the project was the main cost. Fabio D’Andrea funded the project in its entirety and Rose Leslie gifted her time. Many others in the film were volunteers.

What’s Fabio's connection to MS?

Fabio is a personal connection to our former Interim CEO, Stephen Richards. He offered to support us by creating a film as he has a personal connection to MS and has a particular interest in the hidden aspects of the disease.

Why are you partnering with the MS Society?

In early discussions with Fabio D’Andrea, a personal friend of our previous Interim CEO Stephen Richards, Fabio suggested that we also partner with the MS Society on this exciting project. We are happy to be partnering with another charity to increase awareness and understanding of what it is like to live with multiple sclerosis.

Does working with the MS Society mean you’re becoming more closely aligned?

It’s been a really positive experience to work collaboratively with the MS Society on this awareness raising project. We think it’s really important that people with multiple sclerosis see MS charities working together – we’re also taking this approach in other projects, such as MS Awareness Week UK. We’re still different charities with different focuses but we’re both here for people with MS whether they’ve just been diagnosed or have been living with MS for years.

Can following the Overcoming MS diet really help with fatigue levels?

Evidence from the HOLISM Study shows that following the Overcoming MS Program (the lifestyle as a whole, it is more than a diet) can offer significant improvement in measures of physical, mental and overall quality of life, including reducing fatigue levels. There is an increasing body of evidence to demonstrate the importance of diet quality, stress reduction and mental well-being, as well as regular physical activity on MS symptoms, as well as the long-term trajectory of the condition.

Why have you created something for us but without us?

From the start of the project, it’s been vital for us that people with MS played a key role in the story development and in the filming. A group of people living with MS met Fabio to discuss their diagnosis and experience of living with the condition when he was working on the storyline. Lots of volunteers with MS from Overcoming MS and the MS Society also feature in Hope Reborn. We made sure the people we put forward were representative of the diversity of the MS community in terms of ethnicity and how advanced their MS is. Both Overcoming MS and the MS Society asked people with MS to be involved in the filming across multiple days and locations to ensure the film included as many people as possible who are living with MS.

Hope Reborn: How it started

Read our interview with our former Interim CEO, Stephen Richards about how Hope Reborn came about.

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“There is no reason for anyone to struggle with this condition on their own”

Our Ambassador Monica took part in the filming for Hope Reborn. We spoke to her about her experience on set and the importance of spreading awareness about MS.

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To support Overcoming MS and help us reach more people living with MS, download the single today for just 99p from Amazon Music or iTunes.

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