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Anthony’s Story of Hope

Anthony from Australia has been following OMS since 2007 and is now healthier than ever. He even ran the 2016 New York Marathon in aid of OMS, raising over AUD 150,000.

“It was about eight and a half years ago I was diagnosed with MS, and went through those ranges of horrible emotions of devastation and despair. Then I literally stumbled across George’s work and the OMS program and in August the following year my wife Tania and I attended the retreat… And I remember there was a young lady that came to speak.

“She looked ‘normal’, like anyone else. And she said that two or three years before she had attended the same retreat that I was on but she’d had to have a mattress on the floor because she had to lie down as she couldn’t sit up because of her MS symptoms.

“And here she was standing here talking to us about how the program had change her life. It gave me the sense of hope that things didn’t have to be as bad as I anticipated that they would be.” – Anthony Mennillo, Adelaide.