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Claes’s Story of Hope

Claes from Sweden has been following OMS since 2010. He shares the journey he and his wife Malin have been through since his diagnosis.

“I was fully fit but just got double vision. I didn’t know much about MS, luckily, so wasn’t really scared, more surprised. As I couldn’t read very well Malin said she gets a lot of books and if there’s a good one she’ll give it to me. And the first book she gave me was George Jelinek’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

“We’ve done the journey together. It wasn’t easy in the beginning because there were lots of things to think about but doing it together has been rewarding. We have been very strict with the program since the last year’s retreat. That really gave us proof of why we should take the last treats out. It was easy to get the final pieces into place after that. 

“It made a lot of difference. I’m convinced now that with the way I’m living and following the program there’s no reason why I should have a relapse. I’m helping my body to heal and I have trust in myself.”