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Jill’s Story of Hope

Jill from the UK has been following OMS since 2012.

“There is a community of people that I’m attached to now, who are as healthy as me and every time I see them, they seem better than they were the last time I saw them. So it’s a very positive experience.

“The biggest change for me since being on the program is undoubtedly my diet. That is the most fundamental change that I’ve had. Going dairy free isn’t easy but it’s not impossible. And I remember the first time I went round a supermarket it was the most depressing experience because every packet I looked at, every thing I picked up, seemed to have something in it that I couldn’t eat.

“I don’t go to supermarkets anymore! But I do feel better for being on a dairy-free diet. I feel better for eating more fish and I don’t miss meat.”