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UK MS Awareness Week 2024

We're raising awareness of challenging symptoms which people with MS too often struggle to talk about, through our campaign MS Unfiltered. Wherever you live, join us to help spread awareness of life with MS.

MS Unfiltered: You’re not alone

UK MS Awareness Week 2024 will run from 22 – 28 April. This year, we’re launching MS Unfiltered, a special campaign focusing on those symptoms which may be more difficult to talk about with family, friends or even with healthcare professionals.

From bladder or bowel control, to sexual dysfunction, low mental health, cognitive or mobility issues and menopause, we want to create a safe space to open up the conversation and help everyone who is struggling with any of their symptoms.

Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing stories from members of the community across the globe, advice and tips from those who have found ways to deal with difficult symptoms, as well as support and useful resources to help you through your journey. No one should feel that they have to hide any of their MS symptoms or deal with them alone.

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Get involved and help us spread awareness

Together we can spread awareness, provide support and give hope to more people with MS! Join the conversation by searching and using #MSUnfiltered on social media, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get involved.

Whether you’re comfortable talking about your own symptoms, sharing advice on how you’ve dealt with challenging symptoms or had difficult conversations, or just sharing your MS journey with us, we’d love to hear from you wherever you are in the world. Post on your own social media, join the conversation on our posts or simply show support for others who are opening up about their own symptoms.

Email us at [email protected] to find out more about how you can get involved.

Teaming up with six other MS charities

For the second year running, we have partnered with the MS Society, MS Trust, MS-UK, MS Together, the Neuro Therapy Network (previously MS National Therapy Centres) and Shift.MS, to deliver a powerful message of hope and support to more people during MS Awareness Week.

You’ll see all of these charities joining in the conversation to spread awareness.

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Download our supporter pack

Click below to download your free MS Awareness Week resource pack, full of useful information to help you support the campaign and get involved in spreading awareness.

MS Awareness Week 2024 Supporter Pack


To help us reach more people with MS, so that they can understand the importance of lifestyle factors to help them live a full and healthy life with MS, please donate if you can.

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Did you know?

We ran a survey earlier this year to find out more about how many people struggle to talk about some of their MS symptoms. The results speak for themselves, we want to create more awareness around these difficult symptoms and help everyone living with MS to know they don’t have to deal with them alone, there is support out there. 

  • 3 in 5 people with MS have hidden symptoms from family or friends due to being too embarrassed to talk about them. 
  • A quarter of people with MS would feel uncomfortable raising bowel issues with a healthcare professional. 
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of people with MS experience bladder issues, while nearly half (48%) have bowel issues and over a third (35%) experience sexual dysfunction.   
  • 85% of people told us they were embarrassed by at least one of their MS symptoms. Over half (59%) were embarrassed by bladder issues whilst just under half (48%) were embarrassed by problems with their walking.   
  • 75% of people with MS have kept symptoms hidden, more than half (55%) have kept symptoms hidden from family members, and one in five (22%) have even kept them hidden from a partner. 
  • Over a third of people (38%) have avoided seeking medical help due to embarrassment.   
  • Almost half of those surveyed (49%) would feel uncomfortable raising sexual dysfunction with a healthcare professional. 

These statistics come from a survey of 1,426 people living with MS in the UK, conducted through Alcheimer in March 2024.