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Side view of two people running or walking, one person is using hiking poles.

Interview with Dr. Gretchen Hawley on exercise tips, plus a free chapter of her new book!

In this video, Geoff Allix interviews Dr Gretchen about her top exercise tips and her new book 'The MSing Link', from which she has kindly given us a chapter to share with the Overcoming MS community. They end the interview with an exercise demonstration.

Dr Gretchen is excited to share a whole chapter of her new book, ‘The MSing Link’ available to the Overcoming MS community to download for free! Click below to get a taste for her book and get her expert tips and guidance.

Click here to download the third chapter of the book for free!

Interview Topics and Timestamps

Watch the whole interview, or jump straight to the topic you’re most interested in using the timestamps below.

00:50  Dr. Gretchen’s introduction and connection to Overcoming MS

03:42  How physical therapy and functional movement helps people with MS improve their mobility and fitness

05:12  Physical therapy for the weakest muscles for people with MS

06:42  How neuroplasticity works

12:31  Choosing an assistive devices such as FES, elastic or rigid foot lift

17:13  ‘The MSing Link’ book overview: symptoms, exercises, finding your why

21:43  Turning the MSing Link videos and teaching into a book

26:14  The best exercises for MS

37:36  Using an elastic strap/ resistance band to assist in exercises

Get your free chapter of ‘The MSing Link’ to get more of Dr Gretchen’s expert advice, just click the link below.