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Illustration of person meditating with sun and clouds behind them.

Affirmation: ‘I am healing and good things are coming’

This is a compassionate and embodied affirmation meditation to support and encourage you in your healing journey.

Remember that you are not damaged or broken. Each of us is on a healing journey, and there can be unexpected magic contained within each healing path. The affirmation we use in this meditation is “I Am Healing and Good Things Are Coming”. Let your body melt into these truths and be comforted, supported and empowered in its healing.

Alison Potts has had MS all her adult life and was diagnosed at a time when there were no medical treatments. The journey to discovering optimum self care and thriving has been the best she could have taken. Born in England, she followed the sun for the power of Vitamin D and moved to Australia where she is now a Meditation and Vitality Coach. Like her page on Facebook for more info.