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Coffee Break Episode 11

Coffee Break Episode 11: with Bron Webster

Welcome to our 11th installment of Living Well with MS Coffee Break, where we welcome fellow podcast host and producer Bron Webster as our guest!

As you now know, we decided to do something a little different in expanding the range of content we produce here at Living Well with MS. To honor the community that forms the beating heart of Overcoming MS, this special series called Coffee Break features short interviews with members of the OMS community talking about their personal journeys adopting and staying on the OMS 7 Step Recovery Program, the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them, and their tips and tricks for sticking to the path that leads to better health. We hope you enjoy and learn from these intermezzos between our regular episodes, and as always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome by emailing [email protected].

Bron Webster is many things – blogger, podcast creator/host, entrepreneur – but above all, she is committed. Bron is an expert in MS patient advocacy who works with a leading university in the UK and their neurology medical students, so she’s used to representing the MS community with a ‘no agenda’ approach. Bron was diagnosed with MS in 1996 and is still mobile (though much slower these days). She also has 3 members of her family living with MS (1 blood-relative and 2 in-law relatives). She also had a brush with cancer (salivary gland, very rare) in 2014, so it’s fair for her to say this: “I’m a survivor!” Bron is the creator, host and producer of a new podcast about MS, The MS Show.



  • Can you tell us a little about yourself and your personal experience with MS?
  • You’ve recently launched a new MS podcast called The MS Show. Tell us a bit about that and your motivation for becoming a podcaster?
  • How did your personal experience with MS inform the work you do on the podcast and in the broader MS community?
  • What other projects or ventures are you involved in that have some impact on people with MS?
  • If there is one lesson your experience with MS has taught you that you’d like to impart to others, what would that be?
  • Finally, what advice would you give to people with MS on how to cope with some of the new realities in this post-Covid world?

Useful links:

Bron’s podcast, The MS Show

Bron’s website, Multiple Success

Bron’s Facebook group

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