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Coffee Break Episode 17

Coffee Break episode 17: with Yasmin Neves

Welcome to Living Well with MS Coffee Break #17, where we are pleased to welcome Yasmin Neves as our guest!  

Our Coffee Break series is your chance to get to know members of our diverse OMS community. In each episode, you’ll join Geoff Allix for an intimate chat with a different member of our global community. Our guests will share their personal stories and talk about their challenges and victories, large and small. We hope you find common cause and a source of inspiration from the stories of these very special people. 

As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome by emailing [email protected]. We hope you enjoy this episode’s conversation with Yasmin, coming to you straight from Cardiff, Wales.  


Yasmin owns and runs several successful businesses and has expertise in human resources, property and coaching. Yasmin is a Master Coach of Neuro Linguistics Programming, which means she really understands how the unconscious mind works and has a whole range of tools to help people achieve long lasting change in their personal and professional lives. Yasmin has overcome a number of personal challenges in her life and is currently learning to live well after a diagnosis of MS. She is passionate about wellbeing, mindsets, self-sufficiency and helping others to achieve their goals. Yasmin has transformed every aspect of her life and isn’t afraid of living a slightly unconventional life in the country.   


  • Yasmin, our audience wants to know a little bit about you and your life. Can you share some background on where you’re from, what you do, any snippets of your family or personal life or anything about you that would give our listeners a sense of who Yasmin Neves is? 

  • How about your experience with MS? Can you provide some context on that? When were you diagnosed and how did you initially cope with it? 

  • At which point did you come across the OMS program? How was that experience for you? Why did you decide to start following it? 

  • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced at first in adopting the OMS program? How did you overcome them? 

  • When did you first start to see any kind of positive indicators in following OMS guidelines? What were these? 

  • You’ve been a valuable member of the OMS community. As an example, you’re part of an OMS Circle in Cardiff. What’s that experience like? 

  • On a personal note, do you have any unusual interests or wacky hobbies you can tell us about? What kind of stuff will we find you doing on a weekend? 

  • If you tap into your experience with MS generally and OMS specifically for a nugget of wisdom that would help people ease into and better adopt the OMS program, what would that advice be?

Yasmin’s top 3 passions (in her own words):

  1. I am passionate about the mind-body connection and how our thoughts become our reality. 

  1. Reconnecting with nature is a powerful healing tool for me and it can be so simple. Just taking a moment to really look at a flower or listen to water or taking your shoes off and feeling the ground beneath me are daily habits which help keep me grounded and reduce my stress levels.   

  1. Self-sufficiency and the environment are two additional key areas (along with health) which drive me to live a holistic life.  

Yasmin’s favorite links:

  • Check out Yasmin’s HR and coaching website here

  • Yasmin is very active on Instagram; check out some of her feeds: 

Coming up on our next episode: 

Starting June 9, tap into the joys of volunteering by meeting one of our volunteer coordinators, Hana Javurkova, as OMS honors those who give so much of their time and expertise in the service of our community. And remember to submit your questions by June 15 for the next Ask Jack episode on summer eating, picnics and grilling by emailing them to [email protected]