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Coffee Break Episode 18

Coffee Break episode 18: with Rachel Knight

Welcome to Living Well with MS Coffee Break #18, where we are pleased to welcome Rachel Knight as our guest!  

Our Coffee Break series is your chance to get to know members of our diverse OMS community. In each episode, you’ll join Geoff Allix for an intimate chat with a different member of our global community. Our guests will share their personal stories and talk about their challenges and victories, large and small. We hope you find common cause and a source of inspiration from the stories of these very special people. 

As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome by emailing [email protected]. We hope you enjoy this episode’s conversation with Rachel, beaming to you straight from the New Zealand.  



Rachel moved to New Zealand from Chester, England in 1996 while working in the electricity industry. She left the corporate world nine years later to start her own business helping people grow their own food. She was diagnosed with MS in March 2017 but was fortunate to go to an OMS retreat in Australia six weeks later. She is the OMS Ambassador for the Hawke’s Bay OMS Circle and develops and tests recipes for the OMS website. 

Rachel enjoys getting out and about with her two Labradors, she makes many of her own clothes and has recently upgraded to an e-bike for more comfortable local commuting. 


  • Rachel, our audience wants to know a little bit about you and your life. Can you share some background on where you’re from, what you do, any snippets of your family or personal life or anything about you that would give our listeners a sense of who Rachel Knight is? 

  • How about your experience with MS? Can you provide some context on that? When were you diagnosed and how did you initially cope with it? 

  • At which point did you come across the OMS program? How was that experience for you? Why did you decide to start following it? 

  • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced at first in adopting the OMS program? How did you overcome them? 

  • When did you first start to see any kind of positive indicators in following OMS guidelines? What were these? 

  • You’ve been a valuable member of the OMS community. As an example, you’re the ambassador for the OMS Circle in Hawke’s Bay. What’s that experience like? 

  • You also test OMS-friendly recipes for our website. What does that entail? 

  • On a personal note, do you have any unusual interests or wacky hobbies you can tell us about? What kind of stuff will we find you doing on a weekend? 

  • If you tap into your experience with MS generally and OMS specifically for a nugget of wisdom that would help people ease into and better adopt the OMS program, what would that advice be? 

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