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S1 Episode 10

Episode 10: Research Priorities in MS

Multiple sclerosis is the focus of burgeoning medical research, which can seem like a scientific maze to the layperson. So on this episode of Living Well with MS, we are fortunate to have as our special guest one of the most qualified guides through the MS research labyrinth, Professor Gavin Giovannoni


Professor Giovannoni is an academic neurologist based at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University London. His current research is focused on Epstein-Barr virus as a possible cause of multiple sclerosis, MS-related neurodegeneration, biomarker discovery and validation, and MS clinical outcomes.

In his spare time when he is not busy pursuing new frontiers in MS research, Professor Giovannoni is an avid reader, blogger, runner, gardener, husband, father, dog-owner, cook and wine and food lover.

Questions in this episode include:

  • What got you interested in specializing in MS?

  • In what ways have you seen MS clinical and research objectives shifting over the past decade?

  • Do you see lifestyle modification as playing an increasing role in patient care?

  • Why are lifestyle factors so critical in managing autoimmune conditions such as MS?

  • Has generally accepted clinical practice for MS care been slow to adopt some of the best practices in terms of integrating lifestyle modification into mainstream care that we’ve seen in heart disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer? If so, why?

  • What are the most promising research frontiers in MS today?

  • What can we expect to see as possible outcomes of today’s MS research in the next 10-20 years?

  • What’s the most important advice would you give today to people newly diagnosed with MS?

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