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S2 Episode 17

Episode 17: Lifestyle Choices and Their Impact on MS

A few episodes ago, Dr. Aaron Boster, an Ohio-based board-certified clinical neuroimmunologist specializing in MS, helped guide our listeners through the straits of making the right medication choices in MS. Given we are surrounded by temptations – from that delicious pint of ice cream to the lure of sleeping in instead of hitting the gym – we are happy to tap his expertise to help us understand the complicated calculus of how the lifestyle choices we make might impact MS and our overall health.

Coming up on our next episode, Geoff Allix dives into how exercise and help build neuroplasticity (for us lay people, that’s the brain’s ability to continually change, a sign of brain health) with Dr. Gretchen Hawley, a physical therapist and MS specialist based in Boston who is also the founder of the MS wellness program, The MSing Link.

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