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S2 Episode 21

Episode 21: Gut health, your microbiome and you

Kim Venter is a British South African currently living in London who was diagnosed with MS in 2010. Kim is a trained teacher, professional psychological counsellor and nutritional consultant who thoroughly enjoys working with people and helping them overcome various challenges in their lives. Kim is particularly interested in Health Psychology, which is to say exploring the impact on the mind of what is going in the body. She feels that this training has increased her awareness of the psychological impact MS has and how the food we eat affects the health of our minds. Kim’s website offers a huge amount of resources as well as a course covering diet, exercise and mindfulness. 

Questions covered:

  • What is the microbiome and why is it so important?
  • The gut-immune system connection – how does what we eat affect our immune system? 
  • What is Leaky Gut Syndrome and how it can give rise to symptoms?
  • The gut brain axis – isn’t there a blood-brain barrier that stops foreign substances from injuring the brain? 
  • How do you keep the gut healthy with probiotics and prebiotics (food for the good bacteria)?
  • Is it best to take prebiotic and probiotic tablets, or can we use certain foods to the same effect?
  • How does gut health or lack thereof impact MS?

Useful resources:

FODMAP Food Database App

About Kim Venter

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On the next full-length episode of Living Well with MS, launching May 27, 2020, we have the honor of welcoming Caroline Clarke, Chief Executive of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, to hear both her personal and professional insights on Overcoming MS.

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