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S2 Episode 24

Episode 24: Top hacks for getting into a meditation habit

Alison teaches Instinctive Meditation, which is natural, healing and life-affirming. Alison is a meditation coach, wellbeing mentor, meditation teacher-trainer writer and teacher in self-care, meditation and wellness. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and daughter.

Her work is dedicated to teaching practices for greater self-connection, self-worth and thriving, including yoga, meditation and personal coaching.  She runs sessions, workshops and retreats in Australia and overseas and in schools and workplaces. Her guided meditations on Soundcloud and Insight Timer have been listened to over a quarter of a million times.

She has trained intensively with Lorin Roche PhD – an author, meditation expert and the leading developer of instinctive meditation in the West – and has a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification with Pranava Meditation Teacher-Training. Largely due to her own healing journey with MS, she is passionate about teaching the power of cherishing our individuality and intuition, sharing practices to connection to our innate states of freedom, healing, creativity, spontaneity and joy.

Questions covered:

  • Tell us about yourself and your experience having MS and following the OMS program.
  • What is your relationship to meditation? What’s Innate Being?
  • How has your experience with meditation had an impact on your quality of life with MS?
  • What are the main obstacles you find people face in getting into a regular meditation practice?
  • Why are so many people “intimidated” by meditation?
  • Tell us about your top hacks for getting into the meditation groove and making it a healthy habit:
    • Making it personal
    • Finding your natural spontaneous meditation moments
    • Creating a sanctuary for the self
    • Letting your body have the experience
    • Giving your busy mind permission to drift and dream
    • Taking your time
  • Alison conducts a mini guided meditation (5m)
  • Any final words of wisdom or thoughts on embracing a meditation practice?

Useful resources:

Check out Alison’s website, Innate Being

Check out Alison’s Facebook page

Check out Alison’s Instagram

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