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S2 Episode 25

Episode 25: OMS from a Neurologist’s POV

Living Well with MS is proud to welcome back Dr. Brandon Beaber to the guest seat. Dr. Beaber will offer a neurologist’s point of view on the OMS program, and how to achieve better health through lifestyle intervention approaches.

Questions covered:

  • What’s your specific clinical philosophy as a neurologist for treating patients with MS?
  • From your perspective as a neurologist, how important is lifestyle modification in managing your MS?
  • Can you walk us through your thoughts on the main pillars of the OMS approach?
    • Diet?
    • Exercise?
    • Stress reduction?
    • Vitamin D / Omega 3?
    • Medication?
  • Is there anything critical you think the OMS program leaves out?
  • Are there any downside risks to following a diet and lifestyle modification program like OMS?
  • The MS research space is evolving rapidly. What, in your opinion, are the most promising areas on the horizon that we should be monitoring most closely?


Dr. Brandon Beaber is a board-certified neurologist with a subspecialty in multiple sclerosis and other immunological diseases of the nervous system. He is a partner in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group and practices in Downey, California (South Los Angeles). He has several publications on MS epidemiology and has participated in clinical trials for MS therapeutics. You can follow him on Twitter where he regularly posts about MS news and research.


Resilience in the Face of Multiple Sclerosis (Dr. Beaber’s book)

Dr. Brandon Beaber Medical Profile

Dr. Beaber’s YouTube Review of Prof. Jelinek’s Book, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

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