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S2 Episode 30

Episode 30: PPMS and OMS – How Do They Fit Together?

Helen was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 1997 when she was 37 years old. Being ineligible for any Disease Modifying Treatment (DMT) within the UK National Health Service, she began to explore holistic approaches to managing her condition. She discovered OMS in 2008 and has followed the programme ever since.

Helen lives in Conwy, a small, medieval town in North Wales. In 2017, she took medical retirement from the University of Manchester where she was a Professor in the Department of Art History and Cultural Practice. As an Emerita Professor, Helen continues to research and teach doctoral students. She also spends time hand-weaving and learning Welsh, the language of her ancestors. Helen has never taken medication for her MS and is committed to living well through active self-care.


Questions covered:

  • Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do, family, etc.
  • Let’s understand a little bit about your MS journey – when were you diagnosed and how did you initially handle it?
  • When did you discover OMS and why did you decide to follow the program?
  • You’re a member of the OMS community with PPMS – can you shed some light on what PPMS is and what life is like with that specific type of MS?
  • How does the OMS program fit into the realities of someone with PPMS?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to someone with PPMS adopting the program?
  • How do you personally suggest dealing with these obstacles?
  • In your own experience with both PPMS and OMS, how do you measure progress?
  • If you could articulate one specific outcome that five ago, looking forward, you can say you really wanted to achieve and which you’ve now really nailed through adopting OMS, what would that be and why?
  • As someone with PPMS, what can you share with others that have PPMS that motivates or inspires you?

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