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S3 Episode 33

Episode 33: The View from

Mark Webb is one amazing human: he’s a writer, wheelchair rugby athlete and head of communications for, an amazing community of people with MS. Amidst all that still manages to find time to be a champion of all things MS, especially as it relates to diversity and inclusion. Join Geoff Allix in his fascinating interview with Mark and get one exceptional person’s “view from”. 


We hope you continue to tune in to more episodes of Living Well with MS, our Coffee Break series a brand new limited series call Ask Jack, launching in March 2021, and featuring professional holistic chef Jack McNulty answering food-related questions generated by you, our community. Stay tuned and watch this space as well as the OMS website and social channels for more updates. 

Questions covered:

  • Welcome to the show, Mark. Can you tell our audience a little bit about yourself? 

  • Mark, you’re affiliated with Can you tell us a little about the organization? 

  • What do you do for  

  • As a person with MS, how does it feel to have this impact on the MS community? 

  • In terms of your MS, when were you diagnosed and how did it impact your life? 

  • What’s your personal mission in helping the MS community? 

  • Exercise is very important to you. I know you’re active in wheelchair rugby… can you tell us what that’s about? 

  • How has wheelchair rugby helped you build strength and confidence? 

  • What would your advice be for people with MS that have mobility issues about getting more active? 

  • Since MS affects everyone differently, and some people experience more mobility issues and other symptoms than others, what’s your view on how this diversity in the MS community is treated? 

  • How do you think we can all make the MS community more inclusive? 

  • You’re a pretty busy guy, but you still find time for public speaking, including a TED talk. What do you present on? 

  • 2020 was a tough year for all of us. What are you most hopeful about for 2021? 


Mark Webb is a public speaker and campaigner for all things Multiple Sclerosis, disability and diversity. He is also Head of Communications for the worldwide social network for MSers, 

He blogs at, is writing a book slowly, and plays Wheelchair Rugby very badly. 

Useful links:

Learn more about 

Check out Mark’s Twitter feed 

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Coming up next:

Tune in on March 17, 2021 for the premiere episode of Ask Jack, our special 5-part series where every couple of months, certified OMS foodie and professional chef Jack McNulty answers cooking- and food-related questions from you, our OMS community. This is a tasty morsel you won’t want to miss. And remember, you can submit your questions for future Ask Jack episodes by emailing them to [email protected]