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S4 Episode 49

S4E49 Exercise Tips for All Abilities


Dom Thorpe has been working with MS patients to help improve their lives through health and fitness coaching since 2008. He was raised by his mother, who had MS for as long as he can remember and has made helping people with MS his career choice after seeing the effects MS had on his mother. He’s the creator of The MS Warrior Program, which has been completed by over 1,000 people with MS since its launch in 2018. 

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  • Welcome to the program, Dom Thorpe, and thanks so much for joining us on Living Well with MS.  

  • Let’s dive right in. Your background is quite interesting. Can you tell us a little bit about how you became a fitness trainer? What was that path like? 

  • What are you doing now in the fitness space? Tell us about your online fitness enterprise. 

  • Through Dom Thorpe Online Fitness, you seem to have a target focus on people with limitations in their ability to perform traditional exercise. How did you decide on this focus? 

  • One of your target audiences are people with MS. Do you have any personal connection to MS? 

  • As you may know, the charity behind this podcast – Overcoming MS – promotes evidence-based lifestyle modification for better health and MS management. One of these factors is exercise. What’s your take on how improving lifestyle factors such as exercise and movement may correlate to improvements in the physical symptoms of MS? 

  • Can you break down the key elements of your fitness program and how they apply to people with MS? 

  • Tell us a bit about your MS Warrior Program? And does it suit all levels of ability? 

  • If you could distill your fitness expertise into 3 key tips for people with MS of any ability who want to develop some sort of regular exercise or movement regimen, what might these be? 

  • Thanks so much for being our guest on Living Well with MS, Dom. We are thrilled to learn about the amazing work you’re doing to encourage fitness to people with MS at all levels of ability.  


  • Learn more about Dom’s fitness training programs, including the MS Warrior Program, here 

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