OMS Circles & Ambassadors

Living with MS can be difficult at times. Whether you're new to the program or an experienced OMSer, our Circles are a great place to connect with others living nearby. An OMS Circle is a collection of like-minded people who all share the desire to make positive lifestyle choices and live a better and healthier life with MS.

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OMS Ambassadors

What is an OMS Ambassador?

Ambassadors are people with MS who have real life experience following the OMS program. They are there to guide others on their paths to recovery, acting as local hosts to facilitate meaningful connections for people with MS.

OMS Circles

What is an OMS Circle?

An OMS Circle is a hub for support, guidance and encouragement. MS can be an incredibly isolating experience but with a local Ambassador coordinating each Circle, you are empowered to connect with others.

Jane Marie Story of Hope
Stories of Hope

Inspiring stories from our community

Every person following the OMS Program carries with them their own, unique story of hope. In sharing this with the world, they hope to show others, by their own example, that recovery from MS is possible.

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We are continuously establishing new OMS Circles in cities around the world. Joining a Circle enables you to share your journey with others, find support and take the next step in overcoming MS and living a fuller, healthier life.

OMS Circles

What are OMS Circles?

The path towards recovery can be a challenging and isolated journey. In joining an OMS Circle, you will be connected to a community of people who understand how you feel and share a belief in making positive changes to their diets and lifestyles to achieve a better quality of life with MS.

Why join a Circle?

1. Get support from other people with MS

2. Meet an OMS Ambassador to share your journey with

3. Share your challenges, insights and successes

4. Belong to an encouraging community of OMSers

OMS Ambassadors

What is an Ambassador?

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the OMS program, but many more may not know that recovering from MS is possible.


OMS Ambassadors help spread the word, reach out to the MS community and help inform, educate and empower people with MS to take control of their health and lifestyle.


By forming a Circle of people committed to overcoming MS, Ambassadors are able to facilitate a local community of OMSers that help to support, encourage and grow with one another.

The first steps towards recovery are vital, and by joining a Circle those new to OMS will find guidance from their Ambassador and Circle in what is a crucial time to create lasting change.


Sharing our vision to ensure that every person in the world with MS is aware of the OMS program, our Ambassadors are the crucial element in helping us to achieve this goal.


Why become an Ambassador?


1. Act as a local host for your Circle


2. Raise awareness in your local area


3. Facilitate a support network of OMSers


4. Give back to the MS community


5. Inspire others

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