Overcoming MS has brought the hope of a better, healthier life to thousands of people around the world. Find some real-life stories of people living well with MS in the UK below. We hope to add more stories soon. 

Rowan Baker-Smith, Lewes


Rowan is making the best of life, after a diagnosis of MS rocked her world last year, just as she’d been promoted at work and married her wife Alex. She is now taking part in ultra walking challenges, trying new recipes and meditating regularly and is back at work as a nurse.

Fran Benison, Dundee


Former police admin officer Fran now helps at her local MS therapy centre in Dundee. "I feel genuinely alive" Fran started following the OMS programme after attending an inspirational OMS Conference in Edinburgh in 2019 and now helps others as an OMS Ambassador. 

Kellie Baron, Llantrisant


Serial dieter and former teacher Kellie has overhauled her lifestyle following her MS diagnosis and discovery of the OMS programme. After struggling with chronic symptoms alongside a full-on career with two young children, these changes have allowed her to live well with MS.

Tim Cobb, Eastbourne

Tim Cobb

Tim Cobb runs his own PR agency in Eastbourne. He initially denied his diagnosis, even to his children, but after four years he came out publicly at a fundraising event to over 150 people. Since following the OMS programme he has been relapse free.

Sue Collis, Hampshire


Sue was diagnosed with MS in 1989. However she only found OMS in 2012 and by following the recovery programme ever since she feels "so much better than I ever thought possible". Sue now supports others in the local area to follow the OMS programme.

Jane-Marie Harrison, Oxfordshire


Jane-Marie is a former solicitor from Oxfordshire who was diagnosed with MS in 2008. Jane-Marie started following the OMS programme after attending an inspiring retreat run by OMS in 2013 and has seen improvements in her symptoms.

Rachael Hunter, Swansea


Rachael is a mum of two and a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, passionate about sharing lifestyle approaches to illness with others. She works as a Senior Lecturer at Swansea University and researches how people respond to illness.

Yvette Sargood, Ascot


Yvette Sargood, is 54 and has been following the programme since 2014. "I’d say I am now more fulfilled than ever before in my life." She is an OMS Ambassador in Berkshire and her experiences have led her to become a qualified mindfulness teacher.

Alison Marwick, Surrey


Alison is passionate about sharing her experiences of OMS after being diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. Alison has become an OMS ambassador in Surrey and is an avid supporter of the charity, raising vital funds to continue to spread the word of OMS.

Jonathan White, Colraine


Jonny is a Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who lives in Northern Ireland with his wife and lively toddler. Jonathan was diagnosed with MS in 2015 and is now as medical advisor and event facilitator for Overcoming MS, supports others to follow the program.