Ingredients List



  1. Cook the noodles and remove 2-3 mins before they are done.
  2. Prepare the sauce first by mixing the coconut water with the soy milk, fish sauce, tamari, sriracha and rice vinegar. Do not add the almond butter at this stage. 
  3. Meanwhile, stir fry the tofu, chili, ginger, carrot and zucchini slices in a hot pan till browned and softened a little (for about 10 min)
  4. Then add garlic and cook for about 2-3 min
  5. Pour the sauce into the pan and deglaze
  6. Add your noodles and stir fry for another 2-3 min, reduce heat, add almond butter, sprouts, spring onions and mix well
  7. Serve and top with prawns, cilantro, some splashes of sesame oil and lime juice, some more spring onions, sesame seeds and fresh chili slices