Ingredients List



  1. Mix soy sauce, sambal, sugar, rice wine vinegar, cornflour and blend together.
  2. Marinate prawns in this before cooking.
  3. Prepare rice as usual and allow to absorb water.
  4. 20 minutes before rice is ready, dry fry garlic and ginger (with a touch of water) and add snow peas.
  5. Add prawns and marinade.
  6. Prepare Asian greens separately until they lose volume (steam or stirfry in a little water).
  7. Mix in with prawns and toss together.

A sambal is an Indonesean or Malaysian hot sauce made with chilis and other ingredients such as vinegar water and shrimp paste . You can substitute with chili paste or chili sauce like Tabasco or Siracha, make sure to avoid oil in the chili sauce.