Soy Yogurt

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Use soy milk made from whole beans to make this delicious soy yogurt.

12 Hours
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  1. Heat milk and honey to 45º C (just warm enough to dissolve honey).
  2. Cool to 40º C and stir in culture.
  3. Pour into jar and leave in warm place over night.
  4. Wrap in a towel and place in hot water cupboard.

Thanks to the three Ks – our forum members Kashu, Kaybe and Korimako – for the delicious recipe and ideas. 

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Dianna (not verified)

By seeing the soybeans in the picture, I was hoping the "smilk" was al made from scratch.
I have been making "smilk" yogurt for over two decades. But my favorite brand of "smilk" has been discontinued:-(
I was scared at first to try to make my own "smilk". But while that is now coming along well, the yogurt from my homemade "smilk" is not as thick and with more whey. I was using 1/2 cup soybeans, 8 cups water, enogh sugar or honey and dates. I'm making another batch right using two cups less water. Hopefully, it will be thicker.