Check out our fundraising resources

Whether you've signed up for a challenge, you're planning to host your own event, or you'd like to fundraise for Overcoming MS and don't know where to start, check out our downloadable resources to help you on your way. 

We're here to help so email us at to let us know what you're planning.

Get started fundraising

OMS Fundraising Guide

Overcoming MS Fundraising Guide

Our fundraising guide is packed with tips and ideas for your fundraising, stories from those who have overcome MS and useful resources.

OMS UK Sponsorship Form

OMS Sponsorship Form

Download our sponsorship form to collect offline donations and encourage your sponsors to give extra with Gift Aid.

OMS RWC Sweepstake

Overcoming MS Rugby World Cup Sweepstake

Try out our Rugby World Cup sweepstake game in the office or at home, have a bit of fun and make some money for Overcoming MS in the process! 20 Sept to 2 Nov.

Promoting your fundraiser

OMS Blank A4 Poster

Overcoming MS Blank A4 Poster

Use our empty belly poster to jot down the details of your fundraising event. Pop it up at work and on public noticeboards in your community to spread the word.

OMS Invitations

Overcoming MS Event Invitations

Print off our OMS branded invitations for a nice way to let your invitees know about your fundraising event and get an idea of how many numbers you'll get.

OMS Bunting

Overcoming MS Print Your Own Bunting

Print out our bunting to hang up and decorate your event space. All you need is some string or ribbon and glue or sticky tape to make your event look the part.

Set up an online fundraising page



JustGiving is our preferred online fundraising platform for the UK and those outside of the US and Australia.



Crowdrise is our preferred online fundraising platform for the US.



Everydayhero is our preferred online fundraising platform for Australia.

Paying in your funds

Gift Aid Declaration

Overcoming MS UK Gift Aid Declaration

If you're inviting people to an event, print out some of our Gift Aid declarations for them to complete with their donation. Overcoming MS will get 25% more on top of their donation if they're eligible.

Pay in online

Donate online

If you've raised funds offline you can add the funds to your bank account and donate online here. Don't forget to leave us a note to let us know how you raised the money so we can say thank you.

Pay in offline

Overcoming MS Paying In Form

You can also pay in your funds via cheque if you've raised funds offline. Just add them to your bank account and make a cheque payable to 'Overcoming MS' and post to us.