What's in the Overcoming MS Cookbook?

The Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook is edited by US-based OMSer, Ingrid Adelsberger, the cookbook gathers more than 200 favorite recipes from people with MS around the world.

They are delicious, wholefood, meat- and dairy-free recipes for home cooks.

Medical research increasingly shows that a diet very low in saturated fat can reduce the progression of MS and even reverse its course in some cases. The Overcoming MS 7-Step Recovery Program was developed through an analysis of this research and promotes a plant-based plus fish diet.

There are many health-focused cookbooks available, however the Overcoming MS community expressed a need for a single resource to access to plenty of Overcoming MS-friendly recipes.

This is where Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Living Well on a Low Saturated Fat Diet comes in.

Where to buy the Overcoming MS Cookbook

The book is available for order from the following websites:

Or, the book can be ordered from Book Depository.com for free delivery anywhere in the world.

Reviews from the OMS Community

"Changing our diet is so much easier when you have great books like this to use to cook delicious food … Whether you have MS or not this is a great cookbook with tried and tested delicious recipes for a healthy lifestyle." - SJ, Amazon.co.uk
"This is a book that can really change lives … The OMS Cookbook is now published and I feel I can live again. This book is more than I ever hoped for." - Jill, Goodreads
"I can't see us picking up another cookbook for the foreseeable future." - Anonymous, Amazon.co.uk
"Anyone on OMS (or wanting to start) will find this book invaluable—mine has already taken up permanent residence in my kitchen!" - Anonymous, Amazon.co.uk
"This book is an inspirational resource whether you are unsure where to start, or are already familiar with OMS." - Wendy Wood, Goodreads
"One of the few cookbooks I have ever seen where I would cook almost everything in it." - Pam Schartner, Goodreads
"It has recipes, cooking tips, and even a meal planner. This book collects proven recipes from all over the world in every cuisine I can imagine." - Anonymous, Amazon.com
"This book is an invaluable resource to anyone following the OMS program and its dietary recommendations … It has already become my “go to” guide when I'm looking for some inspiration, suggestion, tips or helpful hints." - Kath Burt, Goodreads
"This incredible book is of absolute value to anyone following the OMS lifestyle changes as promoted by Prof. Jelinek. It offers a well systemized way of sharing recipes submitted by people following the diet from around the world." - Alexandra Balkanska, Goodreads