Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis book

Professor George Jelinek's book, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The Evidence-based 7 Step Recovery Program is available for purchase online and can be requested for free via OMS.

About the book

Professor George Jelinek has completely rewritten the book, taking into account the rapid expansion in medical research on MS and related fields over the past few years.

The main principles of the OMS Program haven’t changed, but they are now presented more clearly and in more detail in a seven step program.

The new edition reviews the findings from clinical studies Professor Jelinek has led into lifestyles of several thousand people with MS around the world.

It also includes a very thorough overview of the latest clinical literature, which increasingly supports the OMS  Program.

There is also new information on genetic factors in MS, and lifestyle factors.

Even if you are already familiar with Professor Jelinek’s work and previous books and the OMS Program, you will find much that is new in this second edition of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

Where can I find the book?

You'll find this book in print at local bookstores and online (print and e-book) at leading booksellers such as:

Or, feel free to Google the title to see where it’s available in your area. We hope this book will inspire you to take action for your own recovery.

Free Book Offer

Thanks to generosity of a key supporter, OMS is able to provide free copies of Professor Jelinek’s book to people newly diagnosed with MS in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We are working to expand this program to other countries. (Please only complete if you live in one of these locations)

USA | Canada | Europe

The book offer is not currently available in these areas but can be purchased on Amazon.