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Imagine Overcoming MS

This short film features the personal stories of seven people, from their diagnosis of MS to their recovery through following the OMS Recovery Program. Please share and spread hope to anyone living with MS today.

Thank you to Lee Mamo, Andrew Lorrain-Smith, Sue Collis, Rachael Hunter, Alex Tsirigotis, Kellie Baron and Ian Black for featuring. A huge thank you also to JMA for filming and creating the film. 

We hope to make subtitles available for this film in the near future. 

Read Sue's story

Read Rachael's story

Read Kellie's story

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Serena Lindeman (not verified)

What a fine little film, I love seeing the vibrant energetic faces of the people in it, inspirational to me on my journey with OMS

Gina Barker (not verified)

What an amazing, inspirational video, thank you to all involved for telling your stories. I'm sure all those positive words would encourage anyone and lead them to looking into OMS, which is what we need, more people to understand and follow the OMS program.

Thank you so much for this uplifting video. I was in a deep, dark hole and receiving your email, today and watching the video has motivated me to get back on the OMS programme. Thank you, thank you.

I am so glad you found the film helpful. I really hope you can find a positive way forward and I'm sure that OMS will help you to do that! Be well :)