Types Of MS

There are five main types of multiple sclerosis - however, diagnosing a type can be difficult, and people with MS can change type.

The five main types of MS

There are five main types of multiple sclerosis, namely:

How are the different types of MS labelled?

Labeling the disease by types helps doctors characterize how it is affecting an individual, but no test can confirm a type. MS, whatever the type, varies greatly in course and in symptoms from person to person.

Three doctors may produce three diagnoses for a single person.

People with MS can also change types: Relapsing-remitting MS often progresses to secondary progressive MS, but it is also common for people on the OMS Recovery Program to be labeled benign MS after they have stabilized the illness.

About stabilizing the illness: obvious attacks are just the tip of the MS iceberg. Damage can still be happening even when a person shows no obvious symptoms. That’s why it is especially important to start lifestyle changes and therapies to stabilize the disease and stop damage during periods of apparent remission.

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