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Change your life, for life

Making a choice to follow the diet and lifestyle principles recommended by the Overcoming MS Program means you are on course to find realistic hope and a full life.

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Take an active approach to your health

Adopting the Overcoming MS Program is about making the decision to change your life, for life. 

Maintaining the Overcoming MS lifestyle involves a fair degree of mindful change and awareness of its effect on your condition. In this sense, you have to take ownership of it and be your own self-champion. This means taking an active approach to your health and finding the support you need to make these life changes from family, friends and other Overcoming MS members.

It’s wise to remember it’s never too late to start the Overcoming MS Program. 


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The importance of attitude

Your attitude and motivation are crucial factors. Embracing the program and becoming a part of the Overcoming MS community help aid your journey with MS. Making looking after yourself a priority is also key and this alone can be difficult for many people.

Maintaining your resolve and keeping up good, new lifestyle habits in a supportive environment is part of the journey. It’s in adopting these habits that make the lifestyle changes possible and the effects can be dramatic. 

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Where to find support for living with MS

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